If you are looking for a hassle free heating season, our Service Plan may be what you are looking for. With one of our two service plans you could have:
– Your system cleaned and maintained annually.
– Conveniently pay monthly for your service plan, helping you avoid large untimely expenses.
– Have peace of mind knowing you have 24/7 service with technicians who will be there when you need them.
It has been proven the best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns is with good preventative maintenance. Once we cover your heating system with our service plan it becomes our responsibility, we do everything in our power to minimize disruption to your service.

PREMIUM SERVICE PLAN $325.00 Annually or $26.00 Monthly ($312.00 per year )

Air Filters, Aquastat, Blower Belts, Electrodes, Fan & Limit Controls, Fuel Pump unit, Fuses and Burner Circuits, Low Water Cut-Off (Switch Only), Blower Motor, Burner Motor, Nozzle Assembly, Oil Burner Coupling, Circulator Coupling, Oil Burner Fan, Oil Filters, Oil Line Valves, Steam Pressure Controls (DRY CONTROLS ONLY), Pump Strainers, Transformers, Zone Valve Power, Combustion Chamber, Smoke Pipe, Boiler pressure reducing valve, Domestic and Boiler relief valves, Mixing valve, Expansion tank, Flo checks, Zone controls, Thermostat, Air vents, Circulator, Shut off valves.

– Any loss from any act of God, floods, power outages, power surges, hurricanes or weather-related losses, fire, customer neglect, inadequate fuel supply.
– Any wood or coal add-ons are not covered under this plan
– Power venters
– Any tankless coil, or circulator gaskets
– Indirect hot water tank
– Aqua booster tanks
– Any service call other than complete flame failure during overtime hours, which includes any time outside of business hours, including nights, weekends, and Holidays.
– There will be a $85.00 fee for any set back reset control.
(Logomatic, Tekmar, Honeywell, and Beckett Heat Manager)