Oil heat has a safe and proven history as a reliable method to heat your home. Superior Energy Solutions can install, inspect, and upgrade your existing oil heating system. We can answer many questions, from oil heat service concerns to how much it costs to install an oil heating system. Schedule an appointment today to meet with our expert technicians to discuss your plans and goals and we will provide the best solutions to keep you warm and your wallet full.


A home heating expert will meet with you to help with purchasing and planning your home heating needs and desires. Superior Energy Solutions will order and prep the job site prior to delivery of your newly purchased oil heating equipment and will quickly and professionally install all materials. Rest assured that a representative from our team will be on-site during the entire process to answer any questions and we continually check our work against the highest quality standards.

Servicing & Tune-ups

The best way to make sure you get the most out of your oil heating system is an annual tune-up. Servicing your oil burner removes dirt and soot that can clog your system and rob it of precious BTU’s that impact your comfort level, and ultimately your wallet. An annual tune-up will also allow us to run tests using today’s newest technologies which can identify problem areas before they leave you fumbling to call us at some untimely hour to repair your system. If this does happen, we are available 24/7 and can help get you and your family warm quickly, just call 207-747-3277!


Upgrading your existing oil heating system can help you reduce your overall heating bill this year and every year going forward. As the industry develops more efficient equipment, a direct replacement of an existing part such as a more efficient burner motor could save you 10% to 15% off your annual heating bill. Superior Energy Solutions will assess your current system and identify what areas can be improved or if a new system would be the best solution.

Like every other aspect of your heating system your oil tank and delivery system has a life expectancy. Because oil tanks often have water in them, they will deteriorate and actually rust from the inside out. You may not be aware of a potential spill just waiting to happen. Another common problem is some supply lines are buried and unprotected in concrete. The copper lines do break down and leak, sometimes for years without anyone knowing. This can cause a serious environmental problem, not to mention you may be pouring oil straight into the ground at nearly four dollars a gallon. With our Tank Sure Program we can test your tanks wall thickness on an annual basis. This will allow us to find a potential problem before it develops into a catastrophe. We can put together a plan to install a new oil tank and delivery system, and remove the old tank and safely secure the oil line that may be buried. See our Service Protection Plan for details or call us at 207-747-3277 for pricing!