Propane and natural gas heating systems offer cleaner and cheaper alternatives to traditional oil based heating systems. Proper installation and maintenance is a must to keep your system running properly. Trust Superior Energy Solutions to install, maintain, and upgrade your home propane heating system today.


Let Superior Energy Solutions install your new propane or natural gas heating system and see a cost saving of up to 40% over the next year! Our highly trained technicians will meet with you on location to give professional recommendations and help you plan the best solution to meet your needs. All of our installations are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Superior Energy Solutions also offers propane cylinders and complete piping of your fuel service needs, so you can purchase everything through one company, making it easy to see the final cost of your new system.

Servicing & Tune-ups

One simple way to save money throughout the year is to have your heating system serviced. Our professional staff will clean, replace, and tune your heating system to run at peak performance, eliminating costly expenses of wasted fuel and unexpected repair costs. Looking for additional cost savings? Our Annual Protection Plans will take full responsibility for your comfort and eliminate untimely repair costs for just pennies a day.

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Is your heating system more than 20 years old? Consider a home heating upgrade to a new propane or natural gas heating system. These energy efficient upgrades provide significant savings over your existing system. Newer condensing boilers can reach as high as 96% efficiency. The cost savings of the upgrade will pay for itself over the next few years. Couple a new heating system with our Energy Saving Controls for even more savings!